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Next-generation Enterprise AI Platform

Get work done on Nexus with 10x efficiency and lowest cognitive burden on your organization. Leveraging the power of Gen AI technologies along with state-of-the-art engineering to re-define enterprise knowledge work

Enterprise work redefined in Natural Language

Paradigm shifting super-app offering a single node of work for every user across the organization. Connecting the ocean of unstructured data, structured data bases and business applications in one experience i.r. getting work done using only natural language.

Knowledge Search

Fastest search on unstructured data of an organisation

Knowledge Ask

Query on the entire unstructured knowledge base of an organization

Enterprise Task

Say what you want to do and AI gets it done for you!

10x Efficiency in Cognitive Labour

Using large language models for leveraging infinite linguistic capabilities for probabilistic tasks such as natural language generation, understanding, inference, action and combining it with deterministic capabilities of symbolic solvers for logical operations

Contextual search on large number of documents
Ask questions on your enterprise knowledge base
Generate business reports out of large data
Extract relevant information from documents
Content rich summaries of technical documents
Get quick analysis of raw data to generate insights
Document review with efficiency and accuracy.
Automate workflow by connecting apps

Production-ready Generative AI delivering the world's best RAG

Silver Brain AI AG proudly leads the way in Gen AI technology, setting new benchmarks in innovation and excellence. Our unwavering dedication to innovating AI solutions has earned us the distinction of having the best Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) in the world. And we continuously redefine the possibilities of AI, delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive businesses and industries forward.

Tailored AI Solutions for Your Industry

Our team of experts understands the nuances and challenges of each sector, ensuring that our AI solutions align perfectly with your industry's needs, your specific business requirements, guaranteeing a seamless integration with your existing processes. We prioritize data security and regulatory compliance, ensuring that our solutions meet the stringent requirements of your industry

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